Lawn Care Partnership

There are no guarantees in business, especially if you feel your lawn care company would be a great partner.

Most partnerships dissolve or are not a good fit. Since the evolution of capitalism, people have lost their minds when the almighty dollar lands in their hands and become selfish. I am not suggesting that all people are this way, just most. Of course you have to look out for your needs first, but not at the expense of others. Ask yourself, "Would I be a good partner"?

There are many factors that need to be nipped in the bud (so to speak) before you lunge into a partnership with other lawn care companies. These tips for lawn care business partnership success will hopefully serve as a guide when vetting.

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Tips To Improve Your Lawn Care Business

There are many ways to improve your lawn care business that are often over-looked or not known. During the season the money is great and sometimes plentiful.

The fear of not making it through the winter season is always a nail biter. This article will attempt to outline just a few things to help improve your business, and give you ideas of how to get through the winter.

When October or November rolls around, do you get those butterflies in your stomach of how you’re going to financially get through the winter? I have and it will never end, to be absolutely honest with you. Try not to be fooled by companies rolling around with their fancy over-priced landscape trucks or high dollar equipment. They too are thinking just as you are how to improve their lawn care business. 

Lawn Care and WordPress

Many lawn care providers bang their head on how to drum up more business. They have considered a website but thought that it would be too expensive, so they give up. Well I suppose I would be the wrong person to ask why having a company website would benefit
your lawn care business. Because it could turn into a week long conversation that quite frankly would bore you to death.

If you own a business, consider WordPress as an opportunity to showcase your company. Not only can WordPress take your business to another level, but if performed properly can make you look more professional than your competitors.


Lawn Care Equipment Maintenance

Changing the mower blades
It is that time of year again to dust off our lawn mowers and tune them up. As an owner of a lawn care company I am always watching the bottom line. With fuel prices on the rise again, everything else is following suit. To operate any business in these economic times calls for decisions.
For instance, purchasing new equipment. Usually this would only present itself if our current equipment has either run its course or business has started to grow. But, to purchase new equipment because we failed to perform proper maintenance, would be very untimely and costly.

Lawn Aeration - The Most Over Looked Lawn Care Service

Have you wondered why your neighbor down the street has a green lush lawn?

Your neighbor has been informed about lawn aeration. Aerating your turf is the most important action you can take if your are looking for a healthy and thriving lawn, and is the most overlooked lawn care service.

If your turf is looking unhealthy and you feel you have fertilized properly, you may need to aerate your turf. The first four inches of your soil is most likely compacted. When you notice pools of water standing on top of your grass, it is time to aerate.


Start A Lawn Care Business

Can a lawn care business profit in this economy? The short answer is yes! Most get into this business thinking they can make some quick money, but few are able to sustain for the long haul. The long-haulers are the ones who truly love their niche and would not trade it for anything.
To make your lawn care company profitable will require hard work and great customer service.